Do you require a deposit when I schedule my session?

Yes, we do kindly request a $250 deposit when you initially schedule your session. This deposit is required to save your date and is applicable in FULL towards both your session fee and portrait collection. We accept all major credit cards, check or cash as means of payment. And yes, if you do not use the full deposit on your order, we will gladly refund the difference.


How long is my session? How should I dress for my session? May I take photos indoors and outdoors?

Theses commonly asked questions are best addressed with a Planning Session held before the date of your actual photography appointment. At the Planning Session, we will discuss any questions you may have regarding wardrobe, pricing, etc. We want you to arrive the day of your appointment feeling confident and relaxed. A Planning Session, whether over the phone or at our studio, allows us to better understand and accommodate your needs. Feel free to bring inspiration images so we can work with you to insure we meet all your expectations on the day of your session!


Do you ever offer special promotions or pricing?

Several times throughout the year, we offer special session and collection pricing making use of seasonal themes and sets. If you wish to receive information regarding future specials, please be sure to check our blog! We post multiple times a week.


Do you offer copyrights to digital images?

At Essenza, we embrace digital technology and sincerely appreciate the way it has changed and shaped photography for us. That being said, great photography is not dictated by the most expensive piece of digital technology, but by lighting, posing, an experienced photographer and the final result... a beautiful print of your image! We do not feel our job is complete until we see your favorite moments and memories fully produced to last a lifetime. We feel a responsibility to our clients that your photographs should be enjoyed and displayed in your home, not simply forgotten and filed away on a flash drive. So yes, we do offer digital images as a portion of our collections, but we recommend that you invest in the physical prints as well.


How long are my images available for purchase if I am unable to place a timely order?

Once you are photographed, your images are stored on our server for 90 days from your session date. After this 90 day period, ordered images/poses are archived in a safe place for up to 1 year and can be retrieved for a small fee.  However, images that are not chosen during your order are subject to purging 90 days after your initial order date. 

We do everything in our power to ensure the integrity of your digital images, but technology today is not foolproof. We highly recommend placing your order in a timely manner to guarantee the availability and safe keeping of your photographs. However, we do offer fantastic payment plan options and are extremely happy to help accommodate your budget. Photography is most certainly an investment and since we value the art of photography, we also understand the financial investment. We want you to be able to comfortably invest in the images from your session in a manner that best fits your budgeting needs.


I have a gift certificate I won at a fundraising do I use this?

Our studio (and hearts) are founded in helping others. We often donate to charitable events and causes. Most gift certificates have a value of $350 which covers the session fee in full ($100), as well as an 11x14 print ($250 value). In order to schedule an appointment while making use of a gift certificate, please reach us at the studio 513.831.5351. We do request a $25 deposit to hold the date for this type of session, which will be refunded if you choose not to invest further than the value of your gift certificate.