Welcome to Essenza Studio...our home away from home, our chosen family and the place that brings us great joy and allows our creative spirits to shine. At Essenza, one of our many goals is to present our clients with beautiful artistry in portraiture which is a genuine reflection of their passions, personalities and relationships. 

To be a photographer is to be an artist. It is a lifelong pursuit, a continuous journey and always a learning opportunity. New ideas and challenges are embraced and viewed as opportunities to grow both creatively and professionally.  Living an artful life with passion and fresh perspective is what it's all about. Essenza is not an "ordinary" studio. We pride ourselves on fostering relationships with our clients. We are honored to watch families grow and change through the years. Every day we work to find new ways to be inspired by human nature. We strive to capture our clients stories by capturing the real life moments we treasure every day. Everyone has a gift to share and a story to tell. At Essenza, we bring these stories to life through artful photography. Our job is to capture moments, stages, ages, visions and hearts and bring them to life through photography. 

Thank you for considering Essenza for your portraits. We look forward to welcoming you into our studio and into our hearts.