Your New Legacy Collection
Wednesday, May 29, 2019
By Essenza Studio
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Your New Legacy Collection

Created with you in mind, inspired by the people you love and the memories you make, every piece has a story to tell. The Legacy Collection is a tether to your past and continues with you on your journey. Create a visual collection of what you hold most precious. We want to help you share your legacy.

Digital art is important and we use it on a daily basis. The memories we create and share on apps and websites will be forgotten in a few years... then what? I think everyone has that old box of family photos they have inherited over the years. Then, on the rare occasion when your kids are asking questions about the past, you may just dig them out of the hall closet or that dark corner of the basement. Wouldn't it be cool to reproduce some of the very best images from that history and have them displayed to see every day! 

Your Legacy Collection can be anything from your old family photos to new commissioned wall art, perhaps a few trinkets from the best family vacation or anything else that brings you great joy! It grows with you through time and the people you love will live on and always be remembered through the stories that are placed there.

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