What is your Legacy Collection?
Friday, June 28, 2019
By Essenza Studio
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I've tried several times to write this post, only to fail to find the words. I think it's because your Legacy Collection is SO close to my heart. Not only am I just realizing this has been missing in my own home, I feel like everyone wants this and has trouble knowing just how to put it all together. Your Legacy Collection can be so many things. It can be as eclectic or as coordinated as you like. It can be mixed media or all photographic images. It can consist of large or small pieces... or a little of both. Part of the beauty is that it can grow with you over time and when you step back to look you will see your family's story unfold.

We recently unveiled a sample of Your Legacy Collection here at Essenza! It consists of small framed prints, framed and matted images, a large framed canvas, different sized canvases with imagery & words, along with a few mixed media pieces. It shows that framed art and canvases can blend together into a beautiful collection. I also LOVE the idea of blending old family history in with new commissioned art! Every piece has a story to tell. If you happen to have old family photos you would like to incorporate we can help. We would photograph the original piece, provide restoration as needed, make a digital copy for preservation and print a display version so the original won't be compromised. Everything about the design of your wall is custom. We will come to you to measure your space, look at your art and plan every detail.

My inspiration for my wall came after my dad passed away last year. I kick myself for not making the time to have a professional session with my dad! I always wanted to have him photographed with my son Thomas. Thomas was very close with my dad, and even has his name "William" as his middle name. He is 4 years old and is constantly asking to see pictures and video of PaPaw. My favorite photo of them is just an iPhone photo and not the best quality. My wonderful husband decided to have it painted on canvas last year for my birthday. It will be one of my favorite pieces of art on my Legacy Wall, and will hang with my other precious memories and new family portraits. As I walk Thomas down the hall from his bedroom he will see that Papaw is always there holding him close. It's a work in progress, and I promise to show you as soon as I have everything up. In the meantime, here is a picture of my beautiful painting I was talking about. Makes my cry happy tears!!!



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