Tree Farm Mini Sessions!
Wednesday, November 15, 2017
By Essenza Studio
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We will be at Dirr Nurseries  on November 25th & 26th and also on December 2nd & 3rd from 10am-4pm for our Tree Farm Mini Sessions! Sessions are only $35 and you can order all of your gifts and cards while you are there.  I am so happy my family had the opportunity to have this session for our holiday portraits. As a busy photographer it's always hard to make sure my family schedules time for a session. It's also hard to get my husband to actually agree to one. That's why I was so touched by what my sweet husband said, in a facebook post the other day, in response to our photo experience.  I believe this is how everyone feels when they look back at their memories.


" Nostalgia washes over me each time we dip back into the holiday season and each year that passes brings me more appreciation for my family. I'd never be one to choose to have these photos done; I would always be thinking "maybe another time." Seeing these pictures...I'm sure glad to have been pushed. I hope one day Thomas will have these wonderful photos to warm him as the nostalgia breezes roll in."

-Nathan Milligan


If you would like to schedule your Tree Farm Mini Session then give us a call today! 513-831-5351

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