Noah's Favorites!
Tuesday, October 10, 2017
By Essenza Studio
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Oh, Noah! What a cool guy! He is very into music and plays piano... so since he couldn't lug his actual piano into our studio, what could be more perfect than to bring the books of music he's played forever?! So cool! The old look and feel of the books really brought a vintage/classic feel to the photos we captured. Noah's favorite style of music is classical and ragtime. I've always been so impressed by piano players! It's such a beautiful talent.

Aside from his musical interests, Noah also enjoys creative writing and computer science. He actually hopes to attend Cedarville University to major in cyber security! That sounds pretty neat. Noah says he tends to stay more serious and focused, which I imagine would make him a great student. His sense of style is also very simplistic, and for that reason you will probably never find him wearing crazy patterns. He wears those solid colors well!

We had a great time photographing Noah for his Senior Portraits! Check out a handful of his favorite images!  

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