Lindsay's Favorites!
Thursday, September 28, 2017
By Essenza Studio
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Lindsay is SO stunning! She looks so much like a celebrity from a popular reality TV show... Can you guys guess who I'm thinking of? It's a huge compliment! Anyway, it was such a blast working with Lindsay during her session, especially because she brought her cat Mr. Tibbs! He's thirteen years old and so cute, plus extremely photogenic! But don't worry, we didn't let him steal the show. Lindsay had some great outfit choices that looked super flattering on her! My absolute favorite was the yellow dress she wore outside. Sooo fitting for her end-of-summer Senior Portrait Session! The colors went flawlessly with the greens and browns of our field.

Currently, Lindsay attends Milford High School where she runs cross country, but before that she played volleyball for 3 years. Her future goal is to attend college and become a nurse. She currently volunteers at Children's hospital! Way to go Lindsay! You have such a big heart and we know you'll do some great things!

Check out her pretty photos!

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