Bryce's Favorites!
Tuesday, September 12, 2017
By Essenza Studio
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What can we say about Bryce? Hmmm... well, for starters, he's super handsome! He's also a very nice guy. It was so easy to photograph him! We were loving his hair during the session, and then later his mom told us it doesn't usually look like that. Bryce plays football at Milford High School, and apparently the team likes to grow out their hair for the season?! That sounds pretty fun. But I totally think he should keep this style because it looks great on him!

My favorite thing about Bryce's images is that even in his "serious" expression, you can still see a hint of his smile peeking through. I just love that. You should never take yourself too seriously! But I think he totally nailed it, even though his big grin is much more natural for him. He does both very well!

Check out some of Bryce's favorite images from his Senior Portrait Session!

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