The Reinhart Family
Saturday, July 29, 2017
By Essenza Studio
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Sara has been bringing her two daughters, Caroline and Christine, to Essenza for years! We've loved watching them grow into the beautiful young ladies that they are becoming! The photos above are from 2010, 7 whole  years ago! Christine would have been about 6, and Caroline just 2! It's so crazy how much these two girls have grown and changed. Yet, they still have the same sweet faces! 

You can totally tell that they had a blast during that session, way back when. So giggly and fun!

Here are the girls about 3 years ago, posing sweetly in our Summer Garden set! Their matching dresses and flowers in their hair are just plain adorable! I'm also in love with the way they snuggled into one another for this shot... nothing like a sisterly bond! I'm sure they'll cherish this photo 5 or 10 years down the road. I know I would!

Just recently, the whole Reinhart  family decided to be photographed together! Sara mentioned that they hadn't had a professional family photo in YEARS! So we were thrilled she wanted to capture their family during this stage. We took an old rustic trunk outside and while it blended in with the natural scenery around them, they really stood out in their matching blue tones. Such a perfect balance! They sure are a good looking family. We so hope to continue to watch Caroline and Christine grow and change and maybe eventually they'll even have their Senior photos taken here, too! Crazy to think about! We're so thankful you are all a part of our Essenza Family!

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