The 5-Year Old Portrait
Wednesday, June 12, 2019
By Essenza Studio
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Senior portraits are a common "milestone" in most teens' lives. As the last few years of high school dwindle, being professionally photographed to document how far they've come in life so far is something seniors begin to look forward to.  It's an important coming-of-age story... maybe they're about to go off to college, or start their first big-time job. It's a special type of moment we're capturing when you're a senior in high school, because you'll never be that age again.

In comparison, have you ever heard of the 5 year old portrait? It holds a similar purpose. A 4 or 5 year old child usually still has their baby teeth, and somewhat of a baby face, yet they're no longer a toddler. They'll have their own specific interests and you'll start to see flickers of their unique personalities! Soon they'll be starting kindergarten and everything will continue to change as they begin learning more than they ever have. They'll begin growing into themselves, losing teeth and choosing their own clothing (we all know the awkward years I'm talking about). The 5 year old portrait will capture your child during that in-between phase when they're not quite a baby anymore, but slowly budding into the person they're going to be. Those 5 years fly by so fast! Which is why that age is such a necessity to capture!

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