Ringdahl Family
Thursday, May 24, 2018
By Essenza Studio
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I was so excited when Lara Ringdahl called a few weeks ago to say she was ready to schedule her family portrait! I had first met her last year when she scheduled a portrait with just her kids since they were celebrating their new addition to their family. It was so sweet, Lara totally surprised her husband Marcus with a beautiful canvas collection of their 3 adorable children.

For this session she wanted to focus on her whole family. Our first appointment was our Planning Session, which was super important to make sure I understood Lara's vision in what we were going to create. She expressed that her main goal was one image with the entire family. She said she really wanted to see everyone's face, but they didn't have to be looking right at the camera.  Lara liked images that embodied joy, a bit more candid, and showcased perfectly their warm and snugly personalities. The image needed to tell their story and be truly them.  We also spent some time looking at different art presentations to figure out how she would like her images to display in her home. She decided on a beautiful Metal Print to go with her modern style. We knew we had several breakdowns in mind. The other images would go into a small album.

So, the day of the Ringdahl Session was here and it was just gorgeous! The sun was shining and all was going perfectly. We started to work on our second breakdown of just the three kids, Lynn, Niklas and Sean. Well, baby Sean had other ideas. Turns out he is a big Mama's boy right now. We spent a lot of time trying to get him to warm up to the idea of a sibling shot, but he was just not having it! I took a moment, and realized that this is such a sweet part of who they are right now. Niklas is a Daddy's boy and is always hanging off his legs, Sean just wants his Mama, and Lynn is a bit more independent. So, we got a sibling shot, but Mom & Dad just had to be right there in the background. This was their story in images, and it's just beautiful!

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