Pet Day- Marissa & Poppy
Saturday, May 27, 2017
By Essenza Studio
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Marissa came in with her brother's dog Poppy for Pet Day! Poppy is a golden-doodle and oh-so-playful! She was actually such a good listener though! She was in our yard without a leash, but stayed by us and came running when we called if she wandered too far. Poppy has so much energy, because if I remember correctly, she's not even a year old yet! So we struggled to get her to sit still and pose for photos with Marissa! She just wanted to run off and frolic or chew on sticks, which if I were a dog, I'm sure I'd feel the same. ;)

Eventually, she got used to the fact that we we wanted her to sit by Marissa and look at the camera and we got some sweet shots. The best ones though, are of course the more interactive images because it totally encompasses who Poppy is and how she interacts with Marissa. She just loves to play! We constantly had to entice her with a stick and Marissa had to get down and dirty with her (hence the leaves in her hair)! So funny. 

Thanks for bringing Poppy by so we could meet her! And as always, we love photographing you, Marissa! We'll be seeing you this week for your Outdoor Session! Can't wait!

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