Mollie & Sean!
Thursday, July 27, 2017
By Essenza Studio
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We love the Vonderhaar twins! Mollie and Sean (and their sweet parents) came so prepared to their session! They had tons of outfit options and even brought some really cool props that we would have never thought of! It was a blast hanging out with all of them while Mollie and Sean took turns being photographed. Of course we got some shots of them together too, because duh! When their mom, Margaret, booked their sessions she was telling us about how Mollie and Sean are the best of friends and they have an amazing bond. We totally saw exactly what she was talking about during the shoot. They've got so many inside jokes, and they're constantly making each other laugh. It was such a cool energy to have in the studio! 

So Mollie is beautiful! She was so easy to photograph and her smile is contagious. You can tell that she is a creative, which we LOVED! For example, she brought her flute to be photographed with... but she also thought of bringing sheet paper since she's been playing for awhile! I think some of my favorite images came from that portion of the shoot! And it was right at the beginning. We spread the sheet music out around her feet while she posed effortlessly with her flute. Then I thought it would be cool to put some wind in her hair... and THEN we thought it would be even cooler to use the wind to blow around the papers below. As you can see, it turned out amazing! 

In addition to playing the flute, Mollie has also been involved with soccer since she was young. So of course we had to photograph her in dramatic light, holding up cleats and varsity letters. She looked pretty fierce! Overall, Mollie is just an awesome person and we're so happy to have worked with her for her senior portraits :)

Then we have Sean... he is just hilarious! His dad was cracking him up during certain parts of the session, and we were loving it. They're such a cute family. I love their closeness. Throughout the session, I think Sean started to really get into being photographed, and some of his shots could probably be submitted to GQ magazine 'cause he was workin' it! He also runs track and cross country, so we got to photograph him with his uniform (and jeans) looking comparably fierce to Mollie. But he also let us spray him down with water so he looked sweaty! 

An interesting thing about Sean is that he plans to go into the Navy once he graduates! His mom told me that he was originally interested in flying, but is now leaning more toward submarine type things! (I'm clearly not knowledgeable about the specific names/jobs, but you get the idea!) So, how smart of the Vonderhaar family was it to bring an American flag and a light-up anchor!? We had fun coming up with different ways to include their creative props. Sean, we had an absolute blast working with you and we know you're going to be great in whatever you do!

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Allie - They truly are wonderful!
Helen KorodeakaNanny - Outstanding young people.Such a close family. Everyone is blessed to know them. Essenza, you did a wonderful job photographing them. Thanks for featuring them in your blog