Little Quentin
Thursday, July 20, 2017
By Essenza Studio
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This is baby Quentin! He was the sweetest little week old baby when he came into our studio last month to be photographed with his mom, Alicia, and dad, Kyle. Lucky for us, he was asleep for pretty much the entire session. I don't know that we even heard him cry at all! So basically his newborn session could not have gone any better! 

Fun Fact: The letter Q that he is holding is a decoration from his nursery at home!

They are such a good looking family! So photogenic. But our favorite thing about this family is that you can see it on their faces how proud they are to have baby Quentin as their son. We loved the unique relationship between baby and dad, versus baby and mom. Both parents love him sooo much (how could you not?!) and we just love photographing the special bond between the three of them.

This little magic moment happened at the very end of the session. Quentin went from yawning to settling back down to sleep, to slowly cracking a HUGE smile and we were in awe of his adorableness! We are so grateful to have met and spent time with this new little family of three and we wish them the absolute best in their journey of parenting! We just know they'll have tons of special moments and memories as Quentin grows and changes. Cherish them!

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