Lisa's Location Sneak Peek!
Wednesday, May 31, 2017
By Essenza Studio
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OMG it feels like forever since we've had the privilege of photographing Lisa! She was last here for her indoor shoot back in March and boy, did we have a hard time competing with some of those drop-dead-gorgeous images! This time, Lisa met us at the studio and we rode down to Old Milford together. There are so many cool backdrops in the little old town of Milford. We literally parked the car, and walked about 5 feet to a bench and some pretty flowers and that's where we began photographing. Lisa said she loves Old Milford because it's so quaint... but they're totally modernizing it too! It's kind of becoming a hot spot for new restaurants and coffee shops. Shout out to Sweet Bliss Bakery & Coffee for letting Lisa change outfits in your restroom. This shop just opened a few weeks ago and we can't wait to try it out for breakfast or lunch, and of course a cupcake or two! 

We knew there was a chance for thunderstorms that evening, and the skies were growing darker but we kept moving through Lisa's different outfits and winding through back alleys to get all of these cool shots! Even when it started to sprinkle, we kept at it. But then the big drops came... and then they didn't stop, so we called it a day and briskly walked back to the car. Lisa definitely got some cool shots in parts of Old Milford that we'd never used before. Even though we got rained on, it's always so much fun working with Lisa! We can't wait for her to see her entire collection of images!

Check out some of our favorites!

P.S. Toward the beginning of Lisa's shoot, she pointed out a little lizard that was hiding beneath a big chunk of might have been some sort of boat? I'm not sure. But anyway, Erica quickly snapped into her National Geographic photographer mode and got a few pictures of the little guy who quickly scurried away from us. How cool!? Are these little lizards going to be populating Cincinnati? I typically only see them in places like Florida or other southern states. 

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