Jack's Favorites!
Tuesday, July 11, 2017
By Essenza Studio
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Jack is such a handsome guy! When I was going through his images, and pulling some of my favorites I noticed that sometimes his eyes look hazel/brown and other times they look green! I'm jealous! Green eyes are so cool, but the fact that his eyes seemingly change color in the light is such a unique trait! Jack has a very cool, relaxed style about him. He seems most comfortable in his everyday clothing, which consists of shorts and a t-shirt. But he totally works that style! 

We took his lacrosse pictures very seriously because Jack loves the sport. The Moeller team had been doing so well that it became bad luck to wash their uniforms... so we photographed him in all his unwashed uniform's glory! His team ended up winning the state championship game after a 9 game winning streak, too! Pretty sweet! So maybe it paid off not washing the uniform? You can see photos, and read more about the winning game on Cincinnati.com. Congratulations to Jack and his team!

Now check out some of our favorite images from his Senior Session!

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