Helly's Sneak Peek!
Tuesday, May 16, 2017
By Essenza Studio
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Helly came to the studio for the indoor portion of her Senior Session last Saturday dressed in one of her traditional outfits! The colors were brilliant, bright purples, reds and golds! Colors I normally wouldn't pair together, but they looked like a dream on her! Also, as most of you know she has some pretty stunning skin and hair which made photographing her a dream for us! Her whole session was just dreamy like that.

We could have kept photographing her in that first outfit for hours, but alas, we had to keep moving through! Her next outfit was traditional as well. We were loving the burgundy and cream colors with her skin tone... and to our surprise it wasn't a dress or skirt... IT WAS A PANT SUIT! How adorable is that?! We were also obsessed with her pretty gold heels that went with both outfits. 

Last, but not least, she had a casual outfit made up of jeans and a cute off the shoulder top! We set up some trunks and "homey" decor so that it would look as though she was in her apartment or loft or something, just chillin'. I think it turned out well and the color of the gold wall really made her dark eyes pop. We were lucky to have a good amount of natural light that day, which helped as well! 

Helly, we're so glad you decided to be one of our 2018 Senior Models, because you truly are a gem! Check out some of our favorite images from your Indoor Session!

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If you're interested in signing up to be a 2018 Senior Model, now is the time to do it! The deadline to be photographed is June 1st and our May dates are almost completely full! Fill out this form if you still want a chance to save hundreds of dollars on your Senior Portraits!

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