Grace & Olivia!
Tuesday, September 26, 2017
By Essenza Studio
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Grace and Olivia are our second set 2018 Senior TWINS! It's always so much fun to photograph twins because they usually take turns being photographed individually and then we get some shots of them together as well! It's like a marathon session, and it's always a good time! I have always been so fascinated by the concept of twins- how most of the time they're so different, and hardly look alike, but have the same birthday?! Haha... I'm serious. Twins are the coolest. Especially these two! They have similar creative interests like reading and knitting, but if you saw them walking down the street you may not even know they were related! It's just so amazing. 

Fun Fact: Olivia's favorite color is light blue and Grace's is green!

Now check out some of Grace & Olivia's favorite images!

Olivia has such a fun and quirky personality! She's seems to always be laughing or making someone laugh- which is such a cool thing because who doesn't love to laugh?! We definitely shared a few giggles during her session! She also helped us to get some super gorgeous images! Olivia has a very vintage style, and she absolutely loves to wear dresses. She also likes to knit, read, and enjoys a more alternative genre of music.

In the future, she hopes to go to college for biology and then graduate school for epidemiology- which is the branch of medicine that deals with diseases, how they spread, how to potentially control them and other factors. Very cool! I can picture Olivia sporting a white coat in the future, for sure!

Grace is so artsy and cool! She's got such a unique sense of style that truly highlights her natural beauty. We were cracking up during her session because she was wearing the same shoes during her session that she wears to work (she works at a restaurant called Zoup! which is apparently really good, so you should all go try it sometime) and anyway, she had ranch dressing all over one of her shoes! You couldn't tell at all though, but the story still gave us a laugh!

Her goals in life are to graduate from college and eventually live in Spain! Fine... we'll come visit you when you get all settled in! ;) She loves to draw, paint and listen to the Beatles. So if you ask me, I think she has a future in some sort of creative field. We just know she'll do great in whatever she decides to pursue!

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