Friends Day: Round Two!
Tuesday, May 23, 2017
By Essenza Studio
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So you've all been waiting patiently... here are the last of our Friends Day Favorites for now! (We might have one or two more models participating at a later date!) We had so much fun hanging out with our Models and their best buds!

Helly and her friends were super close! You can tell they've probably known each other for years because their genuine laughter comes effortlessly! I loved the way they hugged onto one another for a snuggly shot! It sounds funny but it's probably my favorite image! I love the closeness. The other images are cool though! They seriously look like they should be on the cover of an up and coming reality TV show or something! These girls were gorgeous and so easy to photograph! We hope you had fun!

Ben and his friends are a part of a recreational basketball team called "Buckets" and they were cracking us up! No joke. We typically don't have to pose small groups of basketball players so we just let them do their thing and thew in some suggestions here and there like, "do something basketball like!" And they surprisingly knew just what to do. You guys were great sports, no pun-intended!

We loved seeing some familiar faces in Luisa's group of friends! It was so cool to see this group interact with one another because a couple of them had never met before. Overall though, they were totally up for anything if it meant getting some great photos with their friend, Luisa! They hopped on each other's backs, and they were all dancing at one point. It just warms my heart! Maybe they made some new friends in the process :) We hope you all had a good time!

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