Austin's Sneak Peek!
Thursday, May 25, 2017
By Essenza Studio
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Oh, Austin... what is there to say? You're so laid back and fun to work with! We always look forward to spending time with you and your mom, Shannon; whether it's out and about at CHCA or hanging at our studio, we always have a great time. We looove how easily we can talk about things with the two of you and we think this relationship is one that will last! At least, we hope we will get to see more of you guys after your crazy busy Senior year!

So, I mentioned in Austin's last blog that he's super sporty! Last time we photographed him at the CHCA field and captured him in his element with his lacrosse and football gear. This time, at our studio, we got to do some cool, dramatic lighting with his hockey uniform and equipment. And O-M-G, he's been playing hockey since he was like 3 years old?! And his mom brought his very first pair of skates! They were so tiny and adorable! (Just what every hockey player wants to hear, right?) But seriously, it's crazy how talented he must be to start ice skating at 3 years old! I can barely hold my balance on the ice now :/

Anyway, here are some of our faves from his indoor session at our studio:

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