Aliyah's Sneak Peek!
Tuesday, June 20, 2017
By Essenza Studio
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Sooo, in case you can't tell, Aliyah is so stunningly gorgeous! She almost looks like a different person when she goes from serious to smiley! P.S. We're so obsessed with her dimples when she smiles! But then her softer expression is so intense! She could seriously be a model IRL ("in real life" [I'm trying to be hip with the cool abbreviations]).

Anyway, we're so glad Aliyah decided to be one of our 2018 Senior Models because she was so much fun to photograph! We loved her style because it was so simple, but with some fun lipstick and a few accessories (like her lace up sandals, for example) she could really make her outfits unique! Which is why we felt so inspired to try different backgrounds like the pop of purple, or the bright blue door. The outfits she brought were just asking to be used with bright/fun colors! 

Overall, we're loving the images as a result of Aliyah's session! Check out some of our favorites:

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